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Looking for Version 5?

Although Version 5 is still available on the Tetherscript site, we’re no longer updating it.

Originally released in 2013, it has had a successful run but isn’t quite up to speed with the latest Windows 11 and Z bodies.

For the newest features and best performance, check out Version 6.

Connect in Our Forum!

Our new forum for ControlMyNikon version 6 is up and running!

Whether you’re looking to ask a question, offer a solution, or just observe, your participation is what will make this community thrive. Since we’re just starting out, your voice is more important than ever!

No sign-up needed just to browse the forum.

To post, sign-up and enter the following red Invite Code.


Check out the version 5 forum here.

Got Questions? Ask Us.

We welcome any questions you might have about ControlMyNikon.

To better assist you, please include details such as your camera model (like D800) and, if applicable, your Windows version.

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    ControlMyNikon is developed by

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    Tech Stack: WinAppSDK, C# and years of experience using Nikon cameras.